The Boys and Girls Club of Marshfield (the Club) is a youth development organization providing programs and services to the children and families of Marshfield. Our program provides safe, reliable childcare for parents. Our program and services include our afterschool, vacation week and summer programs, youth athletics, teen and social recreational opportunities serving children and teens ages 6 to 18. The Club provides programming opportunities in Boys and Girls Club of America’s (BGCA) five core areas including leadership, education, health, arts, and fitness.


The Boys & Girls Club of Marshfield currently serves youth, ages 6-18 years old and serves as a second home to many children of working parents. The Club’s primary focus is to keep children safe and engaged during the after-school hours. This is the most vulnerable time for latch-key kids. Although the Club’s primary population is Marshfield residents, the expansion of our physical space to a new building has allowed us to expand our reach and offer resources to the greater South Shore community.

The Boys & Girls Club of Marshfield currently has 500 families as members of the club. Of these families, 40% are low to moderate income families that do not have adequate child care during the most vulnerable time of day for latch key kids. In addition, our inclusion program which services kids with special needs including social, learning disabilities, emotional, mental and physically challenged, represent 55% of the children served.