Club Programs


The Club offers a variety of after school activities, full day programs during vacation weeks, field trips and socials for teens and youth. Our programs are developed around five core areas: education, leadership, health, arts and fitness. The programs we offer are the result of our being aware of the needs of our community and our confidence in how our programming will help our youth lead purposeful lives. Our after school program provides childcare for children age 6-18. All programs are offered on a rotating schedule. A brief sample of the scope of our program includes homework help, flag football, painting, foosball tournaments and leadership programs such as Torch Club and Keystone Club. Our after school program offers more than just activities, it allows mentor/protege relationships to develop between our professional staff and engaged members.

We offer the following programs:


Creativity through the arts—This program allows children to express themselves through art. Programs include traditional visual art medium, dramatic reading, enhanced crafts, small plays and using technology.

The goal of “Creativity though the arts” is for our members to develop an appreciation of, and confidence in, creative self-expression. The objective is to develop an art curriculum that offer a variety of art programs where students are guided in the techniques needed to complete the project and successfully complete the goal of the project. During national Boys and Girls Club Week, their work will be showcased in a community wide art show at the Club. Parents and members of the community will be invited to celebrate the accomplishments over the last year.


The fitness center programs are designed to encourage participation regardless of ability. Though these programs our students are engaging in physical activity increasing health, confidence, and sense of achievement, sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Our comprehensive health and wellness initiatives, strives to improve the overall health of members, ages 6-18, by increasing their daily physical activity, teaching them good nutrition and helping them develop healthy relationships. The purpose and main impact of these activities is to promote supportive relationships, a fun and safe environment, provide opportunities and expectations, positive recognition, health and well-being, commitment to learning, positive self-identity and values and community involvement .

One of our most popular program areas is our Learning Center and education program that provides a friendly, nurturing atmosphere to inspire confidence and a positive self-image. We provide age appropriate learning experiences that stimulate the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical self. Each child is respected as an individual; therefore, teaching methods, approaches and instruction are tailored to the child’s unique learning needs. Our education program also promotes social skills and healthy interpersonal relationships. We maintain a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where all members become aware of and achieve their specific academic goals through active learning experiences and collaboration with peers, volunteers, and staff members.

Leadership opportunities are an integral part of the Boys and Girls Club. Every child has an opportunity to be a leader in a program, club, or project. Repeat members become role models for younger children and can participate in Peer Tutoring, volunteer opportunities, or one of our two leadership clubs.

Middle school student can apply for Jr. Staff positions – an internship position where students rotate through our many program areas learning responsibility, how to apply for a job, interview skills, and reviews.  Our summer camp provides a great opportunity for young teens with the Counselor in Training Program—Where younger teens are given direction and responsibility to help hone their skills, are mentored by staff and prepared for leadership roles.  Many past members return once they reach High School as after-school program staff.

Our signature leadership society is the Keystone Club – This is the Boys & Girls Club Movement’s most dynamic teen program. It affords teens an opportunity to gain valuable leadership and service experience. They conduct activities in three areas: academic success, career exploration and community service. The program is part of a multi-year teen initiative.

The Club offers a variety of afterschool activities, full day programs during vacation weeks, field trips and socials for teens and youth. Our programs are developed around five core areas: education, leadership, health, arts and fitness. Our afterschool program offers more than just activities, it allows mentor/protégé relationships to develop between our professional staff and engaged members.

Many time kids just need to relax and play after – school .  The Club provides fun and interactive activities that allow children to explore new things and express themselves in new ways in a safe and supervised environment.  Building healthy and respectful relationships are centric to all of our programming.  Here at the Boys & Girls Club, above all else we celebrate childhood.

Through our enrichment programs the Club offers opportunities for exploration, health, creativity, self-exploration, and socialization.  We offered multi-week programs leveled at both the Elementary School and teen level and cover a wide range of interest areas.

The Boys & Girls Club of Marshfield currently has 500 families as members of the club. Of these families, 40% are low to moderate income families that do not have adequate child care during the most vulnerable time of day for latch key kids. In addition, our inclusion program which services kids with special needs including social, learning disabilities, emotional, mental and physically challenged, represent 55% of the children served.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s programs are designed to empower youth to excel in school and in self esteem.  It has been reported that teens who regularly attend a Club do better than their peers in school, in friendships and in avoiding risky behaviors.  In our middle school lounge The Boys & Girls Club o Marshfield engages young teens to become leaders in community, amongst their peers, and mentors to younger member.  Our teens are also encouraged to engage in programming that promotes healthy living, healthy choices, and positive relationships. We also focus on responsibility and judgment as theses teens approach subje issues such as social media, drug and alcohol use, and bullying.