Outdoor Clubhouse Project

Outdoor Clubhouse Expansion project

In May 2017 we broke ground to build our pool and splash pad for summer camp.  Were swimming by July!  We are thrilled with the amazing team of people who made this project possible.  This summer marks our first full year of having these first two elements, the pool & splash pad, open for summer camp.  These elements are the cornerstones of the Outdoor Clubhouse project.  But we are not done yet!  We still have many more amazing elements to this project that will truly make the Boys & Girls Club a community center.  Check out the other things we have planned.

The covered pavilion area will be the central meeting location for summer camps. This structure will provide outdoor programming space, sun shade, rain coverage, performance and picnic area. In addition to everyday use during camp, programming in this space could include: Art classes, battle of the bands, rallies, talent shows, movie nights, arts and crafts, yoga, and outdoor class space for the learning center.

outdoor classroom

The outdoor class room will be a designated fenced-in area containing flower and vegetable gardens with several seating areas and a patio. Programming will include natural sciences, nutrition, book group, quiet reading, and art classes. This garden area will provide us with an outdoor center for science, nature, art, cooking and learning.

mural wall

A mural wall will be the center of our public art initiative. It would  provide a place to conduct month long art projects, where all campers will contribute to the creative process.  Each season the wall would be repainted and a new project will begin. Collaboration, creative expression, teamwork and experimentation are all addressed with this simple addition to the project.

ropes course

A ropes and challenge course with zip lines, bridges and a rock wall would bring an “adventure” aspect to summer camp and after school programs.  It would attract middle schools students, promote team building skills, self confidence, perseverance, and leadership. This course will be a focal point of the summer camp experience. The qualities gained from this element will have a great impact on the children’s development of conquering fears and gaining a sense of achievement.

all sport course

An outdoor sport court will create opportunities for  year round  programming. The court can be used for basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, four square, street hockey, etc.  This court would also have the flexibility to turn into an ice skating rink in winter providing a true year-round experience for the kids.


As part of our outdoor expansion and summer camp, an enclosed target area would add a much desired element to the Boys & Girls Club experience. This enclosed area would be a safe, protected, designated area serving multi purposes. This area would provide space for baseball batting practice, pitching, archery, and golf lessons.  Individualized skills like these teach children safety, self-reliance, patience, control, discipline, and perseverance.  This also provides the space to run fee based Archery and Golf programs adding to our earning potential.

habitat education center

This element will take advantage of our natural setting. Nature trails and preserved habitat areas will serve as an outdoor science classroom teaching our members about the indigenous animals, the local eco-system, habitats, vegetation identification, and animal conservation. This program area will give children a greater understanding of their natural surroundings and the importance of preservation.

We will install a beach volleyball court near the pavilion area that will serve as a play space as well as host our new volleyball program.

how can you help

So many of our friends in the community are pitching in to make this project possible. Please let us know if you can help.  Landscaping, Fencing, Security Systems, Sports Supplies, Gardener, etc.

Do you have an area of expertise you would like to share with the kids in the community?  Marketing, design, database, artist, financial planner?  Let us know if you would like to help

Does your company sponsor local charities?  Does your company have a corporate foundation that supports Youth or education?  Please let us know we would love to explore all opportunities.

Let us know.


If you are interested in one of the naming opportunities listed, we would love to talk to you about a gift to this project please email us and we will set up a meeting.


Would you like to host a get-together with friends to help raise money for our project? We will be holding special events all summer and fall to spread the word about our plans for the future sign up here to find out more.