Pool & Splash Pad

New to Camp in 2017 are our Pool and Splash Pad!  These features will be both a part of daily camp life and will feature community swim lessons.

Beginner I: new swimmers to feel comfortable and enjoy the water. Basic elementary water skills, getting comfortable putting face in water, and learning to swim on front and back with assistance.

Beginner II: Follows Beginner I.  Primary Skills.  To give students success with fundamental skills and learning to swim independently.

Advanced Beginner I: Follows Beginner II.  Stroke Readiness.  Students learn to coordinate front and back crawl, and introduce elementary backstroke.

Advanced Beginner II: Follows Advanced Beginner I.  Stroke Development.  Develops confidence in strokes learned thus far, and improves other aquatic skills.

Intermediate: Follows Advanced Beginner II.  Stroke Refinement.  Coordination and refinement of key strokes.  Increases swim distances.

Introduction to Competitive Swimming: Follows Intermediate.  Skill Proficiency.  Objective is to polish strokes so students swim with more ease, efficiency, power, and smoothness over greater distances.  Introduces students to the experience of being on a swim team.

Lessons offered for our Campers

As an amazing addition to our summer camp this year, families will be able to have the option of signing their child up during camp for swim lessons, and be able to provide them the opportunity to have a lifesaving skill of learning to swim.

  • We will be offering levels from Beginner I to Intro to competitive swimming during camp hours.

For more information regarding pool programming and lessons contact Aquatics Director Lauren McGonagle at Laurenw@bgcmarshfield.com.